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What is Cardestroy?

Cardestroy is a concept by Shivraj Morzaria. The idea behind it was to find a use for the 'poop decks' (old decks) which I felt like throwing away. So I decided to do something weird with them. I bent the cards in such a way that they would follow some unique motions/mechanics or chain reactions. Now this was something that unlocked a new door for creativity. It was like "Dude! I'm not dealing with just rectangles anymore." All moves were based on an arrangement done on a flat surface, hands or anywhere possible and put in motion. It was named "Cardestroy" because here cards were destroyed (folded/cut/rolled/etc.) to create.

Pablo Picasso once said,

"Every act of Creation is first an act of Destruction."

"Every act of Creation is first an act of Destruction."

But here I would rather say,

"Every act of Destruction is first an act of Creation."

"Every act of Destruction is first an act of Creation."

When I started with cardestroy, surprisingly the feedback graph started rising at an insane rate and the fun also increased proportionally. So I decided to promote the art.

Although one should not confuse it with "Origami". The flexible definition I formed for it is: It is the art of destroying the cards in various way like Folding, Cutting, Rolling, etc. and bringing them to motion. But not using any sort of glue or tape or any other adhesives. 

Here are some examples of Cardestroy.


This was something that really opened new possibilities for the art. 


Cardestroy Featured:

Cardestroy from then took a flight all over the social media.

It went insanely viral, got featured on well known Instagram pages like DiytopArt_worldly and more. 

Also got featured on famous Facebook pages like Radio One Lebanon and more.

It also got featured in an article "8 Reasons Why 2015 Was the Best Year for Cardistry Ever" on WhoShufflesLikeThat.

Cardestroy Contest 2015:


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Cardestroy Contest 2016:

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Tips to create a cardestroy move:

Creating a cardestroy move was a really different experience. As you keep on experimenting, the fun also increases proportionally because there is no more limiting yourself while creating. It's also not something difficult to do but isn't something easy to visualize. So I'd suggest to just make any kind of folds/cuts/etc. and start from anywhere. I've discovered some concepts in Cardestroy that could only be found through trial and error, failures or sometimes even doing something totally random. Some of my moves were actually a clear accident that were then polished and developed into an actual sequence.

Creating and experimenting along with some failures is all you need!

Tips on folding a card:

Folding the cards is an important factor here. It is not something to be overlooked, as everything depends upon it. You can fold the cards in simplest ways: Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally or any other possible way.

Always remember, the folds are the skeleton for your move: The better the folds the better the results.


According to my opinion, cutting a card should be to such a limit that we can still call it "one card". Also not to detach any part of the card from itself.

Here cuts you make would be as important as the folds.


So these were some tips for creating your own cardestroy move. You can also start it by learning some cardestroy moves, click here.

So go create your own Cardestroy, and explore new ways to play with cards.

To know more about my overall creative process head over to my article "Exploring Mechanics" on