Integrate Contest 2016 - Feedback

Thank you everyone for participating in the Integrate Contest. Most of you managed to come up with simple yet astounding integrate concepts. Your efforts are highly appreciated and watching your videos gave me immense pleasure and joy. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next in the near future! It was an Inte-great job guys! 




A video posted by muhtea (@matifrnz) on

CREATIVITY: Before giving a feedback on his entry I have to say, this guy's entry straight away reminded me of Lars Mayrand's entry (The 1st Place winner of the Cardestroy Contest 2016). The creativity and the vibes, just pleasant and intriguing.

Considering his entry, it was a killer! An amazing attempt on exploring mechanics and objects. I really loved the way he tried to integrate with wide variety of commonly used objects and came up with sweetest yet smartest ideas with great potential. For example, how smart it is blowing a soap bubble to spin a card?! Nailed it.

HIGHLIGHTS: There were many great ideas in there but some of the highlights were the one where he blows a Soap Bubble to spin a card and the thing with the Whitener while he was writing and integrating at the same time. Amazing!

FEEL: As I mentioned above, the feel of the video was pleasant and intriguing. Relaxing vibes and decent edit.







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CREATIVITY: Alright so Scott... where do I even begin from?! This 16 Year old cardist from Scotland has recently created a huge impact on the Isolation genre of cardistry with his crazy concepts. He keeps on surprising us every now and then. I'd say if cardistry was "Game of War" then Scott would be 'Legend27' because he is that one guy that keeps on kicking asses. He has also been a part of our Interview Series earlier.

Considering his entry, it was mind-bending! The way he used his phone as visual cards for Isolations, what he calls 'Digitiso' (Digital Isolations) was really dope. It is definitely one of the best examples of " Visual Integration" (To learn more about Integrate and its type, click here). I'd say he literally created a new genre with that. There are endless possibilities on what you can do using the actual cards and visual cards. It has great potential, can't wait to see where he takes it! I loved the way he explored a single concept. But in my opinion, the last thing in his entry was not exactly Integrate as per the definition of not having physical card(s) with your creation BUT all that crazy stuff balanced his entry really well.

HIGHLIGHTS: There were two highlights, one where he's doing an Isolation routine with the phone screen and the other interlock thing where the red card goes behind the phone and it appears as if it went inside the screen. Phenomenal. 

FEEL: Like all of his videos, badass! Sick vibes and great edit.




Vsevolod Axyonov


CREATIVITYI have to say this guy is really creative and is open to attempting every different genre of art. He never fail to impress! Before this contest, he has already participated in the Cardestroy Contest 2015 and Cardestroy Contest 2016 and also won 3rd place on the latter.

Considering his entry, it was a great attempt. I loved how some of the objects he used were really odd. Although some ideas from his entry didn't look like they made sense or lets say weren't doing anything much but on the other hand some ideas were just way too badass, balancing the entry for being one of the Top 6. For example the one at the end where he uses the measuring tape was sick!

HIGHLIGHTSIt has to be the one where he drops the box out of its plastic and the two stripe cut-outs of cards form a "X" shape.

FEELThe feel of the video was really warm and light. Its a great thing that he always looks out for background in his videos in which force you to only focus on what he's doing. Also without a doubt the editing was on point.







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CREATIVITY: Dustin's entry was fascinating! Again a really great attempt, nicely constructed ideas and objects used were interesting.  I feel he could've explored more upon some of his ideas for more of a 'wow' factor like for example, the one where he scans a card, brings to Photoshop was something he could explore more upon like add more cards in the editor as there were no limits and have them spin on the sides of the physical card(s), etc. But nonetheless the over all feel of the video and the ideas using the scissors and measuring tape were lit. I did see him using tape which was not allowed as per the rules but as it was out first Integrate contest, I'll ignore that for his great attempt.

HIGHLIGHTS: The one at the end where he used a measuring tape was amazing!

FEEL: The feel of the video was perfect. Probably one of the best one out there regarding the overall feel. Nicely shot and took a good care of the background, quality of the video and tuning the edit with the music.







CREATIVITY: Leon's entry was the best example of "adding cards" to the objects making effective creations. In other words, sometimes just adding cards in the right way to a particular object and using its properties or functions really works well to fit in as an integrate creation. It was a bit low on creativity, which can surely be worked upon. So overall he had the most effective stuff yet simplicity in his entry. Great Job!

HIGHLIGHTS: The magnetic stick structure with cards spinning looked majestic.

FEEL: I would say the feel of the video was really cozy. Quality, edit and surroundings were decent.






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CREATIVITY: Buseong as far as I know was the first person I saw 'actually' integrating or in other words his creations fit really well in the genre. Considering his entry, some of the stuff out there like the one where he used a Rubix's Cube and stuck three cards in the gap and does some cubing, the one with measuring tape and definitely the one with that robot sort of thing pushing the spread giving a domino effect were remarkable. Some of the ideas could've been explored more. At last there were some catchy concepts in there.

HIGHLIGHTS: It has to be the one where he uses a Rubix's Cube with three cards stuck in the gap and then did some cubing to bring them to a particular pattern.

FEEL: The feel of the video was alright. I think it was kind of over edited on digital zooms and couple other effects making it hard to focus on the stuff he's doing which affected his entry.