Don't worry nobody needs to see a dentist here. Cavity is a concept by me (Winner of the Breakout Cardist of the Year 2016) in collaboration with Chase Duncan (Founder of Pocket Park). This concept is called "Cavity" because it uses various types of HOLE(s) to come up with different, unexpected and unique motions. Cavities take the art of packet-cutting to a whole new dimension. It gives you a new ground to explore upon, creative freedom and wide options of grips to play with. And there's a lot more!


The idea behind "Cavity" was definitely to bring more possibilities to Cardistry. And as you might know I'm best known as the creator of "Cardestroy" so my Packet-Cuts used to go unappreciated. That's the reason why I decided to combine Cardestroy + Packet Cutting as a solution.


"When Shiv first brought Cavities to me, it was refreshing to see such a large innovation happening in an area I felt so familiar with.

The first step for us was obvious: by the time Cardistry-Con '17 rolled around, we would try to have a beta version of Cavities ready to test out on the attendees. We did just that and we were very happy with the enthusiastic feedback we recieved. Neither Shiv nor I were prepared for all of the challenges our project would bring, but after several months of trial and error we are now in the final stretch!

Shiv has filtered hundreds of shapes down into a cohesive eight Cavities that each fulfill a unique function. I can say with zero hesitation that Cavities are as big of a departure from Squids as Squids were from playing cards. I’m stoked to start production and can't wait to see what gets created with them.

We are truly entering a new world." - Chase Duncan


Here's what a few known Cardists of the community think about this concept.