When I realized that Cavities had to be a in a "packet" form and not just a "single card", I made packets by sticking some cards together and cutting out 'horizontal' and 'vertical' holes in the center of the packets as the basic idea. This is how the first ever Cavity prototype looked like:


Yeah looks like something I should've destroyed already.

Later I made a fairly better set of prototype with the perfect size of holes required and posted the following video with them on my Instagram.


I got to say, I was blown away by the response form the cardistry community as well as laymen! I got the similar kind of feedback that I had received for "cardestroy" the very first time. That was the moment when I realized that Cavities had to be a thing and should be made available to others.

Eventually, I succeeded in making my own "Acrylic Prototype" and made some of the other types of holes that I had planned. I worked on making them over and over until they were perfect to experiment with. They were pretty fragile to mass produce and that's when I got an opportunity to collaborate with my great friend Chase Duncan (Founder of Pocket Park). My prototype, thus became the blueprint Pocket Park. 


And finally after months of development and challenges we are ready to produce them as Cavity Squids!


Why "Squids" you ask? Squids have come a long way and have had a huge influence in the Cardistry Community in the past years. They’re flexible, feel great in hands, are durable and waterproof as well. Another main reason is good amount of people in the community have been familiar with squids and have them. Now they just can add cavities as a weapon to their collection and it can be used with the squids you already have!


Last but not the least, Chase has been a really good friend to me as well as an inspiration. Also the one to present me the "Breakout Cardist" award at the Cardistry-Con '16, it's been an honor collaborating with him and am really thankful.