UPDATE: Pre-Orders have Ended.

The Pre-Orders are live now at Pocket Park. Duration: 14th February (3:00PM EST) to the 1st March (3:00PM EST) at. To get the latest updates follow these Instagrams:

@Shivraj Morzaria | @Pocketprk | @Cardestroy

HOW will they be sold?


You can buy them individually or you can take advantage of our best deal "Booster Stack".

BOOSTER STACK (Best Deal): You can get the 'Booster Stack' (which includes a Cav. A + Cav. B + Squid) + add all the other types you want as a customization.

DELUXE SET (Recommended): You can either go for the ‘Deluxe Set’ (Which includes: 2 Cav. A + 2 Cav. B + 2 Ladder + 2  Hop-Scotch + 2 Slot + 2 Donut + 2 Sled + 2 Smiley + 2 Squids)


Where will they be sold?

Cavities will be sold only at Pocket Park.

When do the Pre-Orders start and end?

UPDATE: Pre-orders have ended! Duration: 14th February (3:00PM EST) to 1st March (3:00PM EST).

Will they be limited?

The Pre-Orders will be up for a limited time as mentioned above but Cavities won't be limited.

How many variants of cavities have you come up with?

For now we've decided to just do the eight different types of cavities (To view them, click here). There is much more planned for the future, stay tuned!


Do you see Cavities take over Cardistry in a while and become a large sub-genre?

That'd be interesting! I think Cavities have the potential to take over Cardistry and become a large sub-genre in the near future but not replace it, Cardistry is where it all started. What I truly like about them is not them just being visually cool but it also opens up my mind every time I use them. You're dealing with a new object with every Cavity you experiment with. I'd say it as Matthew Beaudouin puts it "Cavities are so unique that using them feels like rediscovering Cardistry". Also not to forget the fact that many well-known cardists of our community have got a very positive response towards them as well. Let's see where it goes!

Is it easier or harder to create a cavity move in your experience compared to creating normal flourishes?

In my opinion it's actually much easier to create moves with Cavity compared to normal flourishes as now you have a new ground to explore upon and wide options of grips to play with. So all you need to do to start creating cavity-moves is everything you already knew in Cardistry with adding the Cavity element somewhere it fits and you'll already be creating stuff.

Does it enhance your creative process for creating normal cuts with normal cards after you use Cavities?

It does open up your mind up for creating standard packet-cuts when you get back to it but I'd say it works better backwards. Knowledge of standard packet-cuts enhances your creative process for creating Cavity-cuts as now you have more options to play with for each cut you know.

What's your favorite variation of Cavity?

I like most of them as all of them have different features but currently one of my personal favorites has to be "Donut"!