Interview with Daniel Lin

Name: Daniel Lin

Age: 19 Years

Cardistry: 8 Years

From: Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I’m best known for probably being the runner-up of CCC 2016.

SHIVRAJ: How did you get into cardistry or where did you see it first?

DANIELLike most people, I started from magic back in around 2008. I was introduced to magic by a school mate of mine. The person also happened to be a cardist. So, after browsing a little on Youtube I discovered the Trilogy by Dan and Dave and that's where it all started.

SHIVRAJ: How would you define 'cardistry' in your own words?

DANIELArt with cards.

SHIVRAJ: Who/What inspires you the most and why?

DANIEL: All the other cardists and their work. Simply because its all of the cardists as a collective that makes the art so vibrant. As some may know, I like to try and create material from all genres of cardistry. So without other cardists pushing the art forward in so many different directions I wouldn't be able to do so.

SHIVRAJ: What is your creative process of making moves?

DANIELI don't have a specific process to make moves. For the idea of a move, it could just randomly pop up in my head. Other times I just randomly do something cool while I'm simply fiddling with cards and then I try to replicate it. As for how long it takes me to finish creating a move, that can vary a lot as well. There have been some extremely rare occasions where I just get an idea and I am immediately able to make it happen. And that would be the end of the process. Other times, it could take me years to come up with a practical and compact way to present a flourish. There's really no formula to creating moves for me.

SHIVRAJ: How do you overcome a 'Creative Block'?

DANIEL: Jamming with other cardists. I seem to create the most in periods of time when I jam on a frequent basis. Whenever you are stuck on a move, a fresh opinion on the move always helps.

SHIVRAJ: Describe your style in one word/sentence.

DANIELA bit of everything.

SHIVRAJ: What role does the art play in your life or in simple words why do you do it?

DANIEL: Cardistry is one of the few areas in my life where I am able to actually make an impactful contribution to the community surrounding me. Everything else in life feels very established, while cardistry is such a new and growing art form. This makes it so welcoming, that literally anyone has a good chance of influencing the scene and shaping the future of cardistry.

SHIVRAJ: How do you think you can help in improving the field of cardistry?

DANIELI find this to be a very vague question as "improving the field" could mean drastically different things for people. What I hope  to be able to accomplish is to encourage people, both cardists and laymen alike, to look at cardistry as an art form of its own. As most of us know, laymen mostly still categorize cardistry as "tricks". So there's a lot of work to be done there. As for cardists, I know cardists that treat cardistry more as a sport. They try to learn all the hard moves coming out from reputable cardists but never bother trying to create anything of their own. While there isn't really a big problem with that, I just think that they might be missing out on the best part of cardistry. As for how I plan to do this, the approach would be very different for cardists and laymen. For laymen, I, along with the Lotusinhand team, regularly produce cardistry videos and tutorials that we market to laymen on social media. We currently mainly focus on Mandarin-speaking areas, but hey it's a start. For cardists, I just want to create as much new material as possible to inspire other them to create in the same way that I have been inspired to create by other cardists.

SHIVRAJ: What is your favourite move by you or by someone else? What do you like about it?

DANIEL: Riffle fan by Dimitri Arleri is by far my favorite move. I remember from off the top of my head that it was at 2:42 seconds of Silent Transition. It's just such a great move as it appeals to both cardists and laymen, it isn't ridiculously hard, and is short and compact.

SHIVRAJ: Which is your favourite cardistry video of all time?

DANIEL: It's a tough choice between Silent Transition by Dimitri and Sequence by Aviv. But I'm gonna go with Silent Transition. 


SHIVRAJ: What do you think about the concept 'Cardestroy'?

DANIELInteresting. The best part about it for me is that you can create something new almost instantly after trying it out because there really isn't much out there right now. What I do think can be improved upon though is how moves are set up. I think there shouldn't be a tedious set up process to do a cardestroy move. That also limits cardestroy to only be presentable in videos. Ideally I'd like to see cardestroy pushed to the point where the set up is part of the move itself. A great example of this is one of Spencer's ideas "Spin Cycle".

SHIVRAJ: What genre of music do you mostly listen to?

DANIELA bit of everything but mostly rap and all types of EDM.

SHIVRAJ: What do you do other than cardistry?

DANIEL: Catch Pokemon and sleep.

SHIVRAJ: What are you further planning to do in your life?

DANIEL: I don't know.

SHIVRAJ: Any contest/contests you've participated in/won?

DANIELNot a lot of people remember this, and I don't like to admit this, but I actually participated in CDM11 and got wiped out the first round (thanks Joey FX). I also tried joining WKC but didn't get in because I was too obsessed with saving moves (rip me). And finally there's the most recent CCC where I ended up 2nd (thanks Duy).

SHIVRAJ: Any advice for the community?

DANIELKeep creating.

SHIVRAJ: Any last thoughts? (If any)

DANIELAm I hired?

SHIVRAJ: Thanks a lot for your time! Have a nice day, cheers!