Interview with Dimitri Arleri

Name: Dimitri Arleri

Age: 27 Years

Cardistry: 9 Years

From: Paris, France

I’m best known as the creator of the "Riffle fan".

"Don't be a dick." - Gandhi

SHIVRAJ: How did you get into cardistry or where did you see it first?

DIMITRII was playing poker in high-school, and a friend showed me some cheating techniques: that’s how I got into cards. I quickly got interested in card manipulation in general, and found out about cardistry through one of Kevin Ho’s video. I got hooked right away!

SHIVRAJ: How would you define 'cardistry' in your own words?

DIMITRIWell, I could go on and on about the “perfect” definition, but in the end, it’s just cool visual stuff with cards! I don’t think that what cardistry is and what it isn’t matters so much… if you think you’re doing cardistry, you probably are.

SHIVRAJ: Who/What inspires you the most and why?

DIMITRIThat’s a hard question… so many people inspired me throughout the years, so it’s hard to narrow it down to only a few people. The ones with a really unique approach really boost my will to create, and the ones with perfect execution make me want to practice more and more.

SHIVRAJ: What is your creative process of making moves?

DIMITRI: That subject is way too vast to be covered in this interview I think… I actually have a whole book written about it called “Hold my brain while I’m shuffling”.
In just a few words, I can say that the first thing I need to worry about isn’t making a new move, but it is understanding why a move is actually good. From there you can try to visualize ideas in your head, and then try to make it a real thing with cards in your hands.

SHIVRAJ: How do you overcome a 'Creative Block'?

DIMITRI: I usually just take a break for a few days or months. It’s either a break from creating or a break from cards all together. I really don’t mind not creating; it’s not my ultimate goal in cardistry anyways.

SHIVRAJ: Describe your style in one word/sentence.

DIMITRISorry I really have no clue…

SHIVRAJ: What role does the art play in your life or in simple words why do you do it?

DIMITRIMain reason I do it is because it’s fun! This hobby really grew into a passion over the years and seeing this art form grow more and more makes me feel proud to be part of the community.
With my new company “Touch”, that we’re developing with Ladislas Toubart, it’s going to take an even bigger part of my life, because… well hopefully cardistry can become my full-time job. That would be crazy awesome: not many people can say that they’re making a living out of their passion, so I really hope to be one of them.

SHIVRAJ: How do you think you can help in improving the field of cardistry?

DIMITRI: I think the best way I can do that is by inspiring people through my videos. It’s always the best feeling when someone tells me he started cardistry after watching one of my videos, and I hope I can continue to do that!

SHIVRAJ: What is your favourite move by you or by someone else? What do you like about it?

DIMITRI: Riffle fan is probably my best move right now. It is fun to do and actually pretty easy once you get it. It looks cool and has that little “wtf” moment when you see it for the first time that both laymen and cardists really enjoy. I also like the fact that you can do it with decks in very different conditions, which isn’t the case with a lot of fan moves.


SHIVRAJ: Which is your favourite cardistry video of all time?

DIMITRI: Aaaaah this one is way too hard! I keep changing my mind about this all the time… At the moment it has to be "Cardistry: Inspiration" by Di Cardistry, but tomorrow I might have another answer I don’t know!


SHIVRAJ: What do you think about the concept 'Cardestroy'?

DIMITRI: I think it’s great that a new concept like that emerged, it’s really different and it opens so many new doors. I really can’t wait to see how it evolves over time! I also really want to see visual “setups”, and not just folding the cards before turning on the camera, but making it part of the cardistry experience.

SHIVRAJ: What genre of music do you mostly listen to?

DIMITRI: Honestly a lot of very different things, from chill electronic music, to folk, to US rappers… It really depends on my mood.

SHIVRAJ: What do you do other than cardistry?

DIMITRI: I’ve been doing a lot of climbing this past year, which probably isn’t a good thing for cardistry because it fucks up your hands… other than that: music, spending time with friends and eating in cool restaurants with my girlfriend :p

SHIVRAJ: What are you further planning to do in your life?

DIMITRI: No idea. I live one day at a time.

SHIVRAJ: Any contest/contests you've participated in/won?

DIMITRI: A long time ago during my first year of cardistry I participated in a Theory 11's contest called CCC. Not the CCC (Cardistry-Con Championship) you’re probably thinking about though, it was the Cardistry Collaboration Contest. I entered with 2 other cardists from Paris, and we won, so that was pretty cool. More recently I’ve been more on the judging side of contests, which is also pretty fun.

SHIVRAJ: Any advice for the community?

DIMITRI: Just try to have fun and keep an open mind.

SHIVRAJ: Any last thoughts? (If any)

DIMITRI: Thanks for having me :)

SHIVRAJ: Thanks a lot for your time bro! Have a nice day, cheers!




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