Interview with Kevin Ho

Name: Kevin Ho

Age: 28 Years

Cardistry: 13 Years

From: Singapore

I'm best known for being a founding member of The Virts.

"The objective of skill is to make a dream a fact." - Alan Fletcher

SHIVRAJ: How did you get into cardistry or where did you see it first?

KEVINWhen I was 14 I was working behind the counter at a second-hand magic shop. That was where I first met Bone Ho, who inspired to get started when he showed me all the crazy flourishes he was doing at the time. 

SHIVRAJ: How would you define 'cardistry' in your own words?

KEVINSimply put, I'd define cardistry as the act of creating elegant movements and formations with cards.

SHIVRAJ: Who/What inspires you the most and why?

KEVINThere's so many to name, so in the interest of brevity I'll just mention that in addition to all my cardistry heroes out there (you know who you are), I'm also very inspired by film, music, comic books, jokes, and literature.

SHIVRAJ: What is your creative process of making moves?

KEVINPersonally, I enjoy learning any new cardistry move or grip, because when an idea eventually comes along I'll then have the necessary tools to manifest it in reality. So my advice to any person wanting to be more creative is to experiment as much as possible outside your comfort zone, and use your intuition to guide yourself towards making as many mental connections/mashups as you can.

SHIVRAJ: How do you overcome a 'Creative Block'?

KEVIN: Sometimes the answer is just to take a break. That way, when you finally get back to it, you'll not only feel renewed, but you'll be able to bring the things you learned outside of your art back into your cardistry, which will further allow for you to express yourself clearly.

SHIVRAJ: Describe your style in one word/sentence.

KEVIN: Redonkulous

SHIVRAJ: What role does the art play in your life or in simple words why do you do it?

KEVINCardistry is a way for me to express my individuality and creativity in an easy-to-carry-around way that doesn't leave a mess behind. And to think there's still so much to discover, too! It excites me to no end, and I'm so lucky to have been a part of it since the beginning of its inception until now.

SHIVRAJ: How do you think you can help in improving the field of cardistry?

KEVINI'd like to help by providing the right creative resources for people to really nurture their individuality in this art form. For example, sometimes I'll discovery a certain mechanic or material that I know will 'weaponize' Shivraj, and so I hit him up on Skype and share it with him because I know he'll be able to take it further than I can imagine. 

SHIVRAJ: What is your favourite move by you or by someone else? What do you like about it?

KEVINYikes. This is a hard one, since it changes all the time. Right now I'd say Swing cuts, just to piss Dimitri off.

SHIVRAJ: Which is your favourite cardistry video of all time?

KEVINExpansion by Andrew Avila is a great one that I show people all the time. Shat myself so many times when I first saw that video.


SHIVRAJ: What do you think about the concept 'Cardestroy'?

KEVINI'm a big fan of it. I've always been fascinated with modular origami anyway, and so it's great to see many of those principles adapted to the card realm.

SHIVRAJ: You are one of the very few cardists that have been able to earn their living through cardistry. How did you start and how has it been for you so far?

KEVIN: I couldn't have done it without the solidarity and support from the other Virts. We decided to go into this professionally as a team, and even though there have been obstacles and hardships over the years, knowing that we're there for each other and that we're all working towards building something greater than all of us has provided a strong source of inspiration as far as moving ahead goes.

SHIVRAJ: What genre of music do you mostly listen to?

KEVINIndie and Electronica, mostly. 

SHIVRAJ: What do you do other than cardistry?

KEVINI read. A lot.

SHIVRAJ: What are you further planning to do in your life?

KEVINMy future plan is to become the Johnny Appleseed of Cardistry. It's gonna involve a lot of traveling, I suppose, but it'll be worth it to see this beautiful art form of ours spread out so much more because of it.

SHIVRAJ: Any contest/contests you've participated in/won?

KEVINI won Shivraj's first Cardestroy Contest last year... haha.

A video posted by Kevin Ho (@visualmadness) on


(Winning entry of the Cardestroy Contest 2015)

Asides from that, though, I don't really participate in that many contests, because I'd rather spend the time on working on stuff for The Virts

SHIVRAJ: Any advice for the community?

KEVINBe excellent to each other.

SHIVRAJ: Any last thoughts? (If any)

KEVIN: Nope.

SHIVRAJ: Thanks a lot for your time! Have a nice day, cheers!