Interview with Max Galarce

Name: Max Galarce

Age: 20 Years

Cardistry: 5 Years

From: Wisconsin, US

I’m best known for being a part of the "RGB" tutorial project and as the creator of "Buttercup".

"Never settle. If you come across a better opener/middle/ending for a flourish you've had finished for months, change it! Maintaining this mindset allows you to always strive for the best, even when you think something is 'done'."

SHIVRAJ: How did you get into cardistry or where did you see it first?

MAX: In 2008 I spent spring break learning basic magic concepts from YouTube. That interest in magic ended soon after the spring break. In 2010, Dom Corrado showed me the Ambitious Card Routine by Bill Goodwin and I was amazed! "Teach me everything!" I said. In the months after that, Dom Corrado and Conor O'Kane taught me more magic tricks, false cuts, as well as the iconic "Five Faces of Sybil" by Chris Kenner. In late 2010, my interest subsided. Months later, they introduced me to "Mario vs. Cardistry" by Henrik Forberg (which blew my mind).  My friends were my inspiration for me to pick up the cards again - this time, exclusively for cardistry. I began card flourishing in May 2011 with a small basis of card magic and Sybil. Over time, I was inspired by Tobias Levin, Chris Hestnes, Jordan Lapping, Dennis Jin, Andrei Jikh, Dimitri Arleri, Nikolaj Pedersen, Henrik Forberg, Allan Hagen and others to start my own YouTube Channel.

SHIVRAJ: How would you define 'cardistry' in your own words?

MAX: A visual, dexterity - based art form using a deck of playing cards.

SHIVRAJ: Who/What inspires you the most and why?

MAXTobias Levin, Patrick Varnavas, Dom Corrado, Conor O'Kane, Nikolaj Pedersen, Duy Nguyen, Chase Duncan, Noel Heath, Franky Morales and you are a few of the many cardists who inspire me.

SHIVRAJ: What is your creative process of making moves?

MAXCreating card flourishes doesn't happen all at once. Sometimes it does - but most often I come up with little ideas or "concepts" over time.  I take these concepts and experiment with how different ones work together. From here, I look at the combination of ideas and visualize where it looks like the packets should go next. This part can take a lot of time because its not always obvious what direction a flourish should go.  This is where time comes into play. It's borderline impossible for me to create and master a flourish in one day. There needs to be time for the flourish to "cook" and let me view it from different perspectives. Once I get a solid idea of what the move will accomplish/look like, I experiment with different fingers to obtain the lowest possible drop rate (the amount of times I perform a particular flourish without dropping a card out of 100). Then I practice and make changes until I'm satisfied with the result.

A few rules I try to follow when creating:

1) Use all your fingers.

2) Keep everything moving (No part of the flourish should remain stationary throughout).

3) Take it in a different direction that you normally would not.

SHIVRAJ: How do you overcome a 'Creative Block'?

MAXBe patient. Forcing yourself to create is difficult. When you are in the "creative" zone, create as much as you can. When you aren't in the creative mode, stick to stuff you're comfortable performing/currently practicing.

SHIVRAJ: Describe your style in one word/sentence.


SHIVRAJ: What role does the art play in your life or in simple words why do you do it?

MAXIt started off as something to do in my free time, but now it keeps me connected with my closest friends. Unbeknownst to some in the cardistry community, Dom Corrado, Conor O'Kane, and I all grew up on the same street. We all attend different universities now, but have stayed tightly knit for the past three years of university. I still do cardistry because I think it is an extremely interesting, fun art form with endless possibilities. There will always be more to create. We will never reach the 'end' of cardistry.

SHIVRAJ: How do you think you can help in improving the field of cardistry?

MAXMaking tutorials. Explaining your ideas to the other cardists in the world improves the community. Someone you've never met might take your idea and put a twist on it you've never thought of. The internet serves as a perfect hub for worldwide connectivity of ideas.

SHIVRAJ: What is your favourite move by you or by someone else? What do you like about it?

MAXPhobos Deimos by Noel Heath.


SHIVRAJ: Which is your favourite cardistry video of all time?



SHIVRAJ: What do you think about the concept 'Cardestroy'?

MAXI think Cardestroy is absolutely fascinating! It takes an already infinite art form and flips it in every direction. 

SHIVRAJ: What genre of music do you mostly listen to?

MAXRap and electric, sometimes I mix it up though. It depends on the mood!

SHIVRAJ: What do you do other than cardistry?

MAXI attend university, I've been a competitive bowler for 7 years (been bowling for 9), and weightlifting. 

SHIVRAJ: What are you further planning to do in your life?

MAXMy current plan is to graduate from undergraduate university, attend dental school, and become a dentist. What can I say, I like working with my hands haha

SHIVRAJ: Any contest/contests you've participated in/won?

MAX: Had a few honorable mentions and won a contest back in 2012 for a theory 11 SNC. Here's the entry:


SHIVRAJ: Any advice for the community?

MAXHave fun! Don't get down on yourself if you can't create like Patrick or Tobias. Just keep practicing and your own unique creativity and skill will come with time.

SHIVRAJ: Any last thoughts? (If any)

MAXThanks for reading! Come say hi at Cardistry-Con :)

SHIVRAJ: Thanks a lot for your time! Have a nice day, cheers!




Shivraj Morzaria